March 30, 2010

Ok. Back for a moment...

I've been busy with work, and my new second job making dog tags. It's superfun, and I think we're in the black finally... so that's good.

But in the meantime, we've been waiting for a decision on... oh... anything. Remember?

Just tonight, Jed got an email from the Maine/Vermont rep that he is scoping out to replace. We're planning a work/exploratory trip in early May to Portland ME and parts of New Hampshire, and the Rep emailed Jed to see if he'd like to meet up for lunch sometime. And then tonight, he emailed ALLUDING that he knew that the Manager had talked to him about the opportunity, confirming that he would be retiring, and wanted to talk to Jed further. He said that the area was wonderful to work and live, that the territory was 'tough' as far as Sales... So we'll see what that means...

Anyway. That little email was an important puzzle piece - Jed knows that the Manager knows that he's interested. She told the Rep that he was interested. And now the current Rep let Jed know that HE KNEW he was interested and wants to have an encouraging chat.


So the little door that creaked open and then gathered dust has now been pushed open just a little further.

I'll keep you posted.

Ps. Thought I'd post some pics of my little workspace here. It's become my little second office. :)


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