December 18, 2009

the ones you turn up loud...

I'm assembling some gifts tonight and decided to stick itunes into our speakers upstairs, and then I got to thinking... there are songs I *always* go to because I love them (especially on better speakers), but most often just because there's a GREAT part in them that I look forward to every time.

Want to know what they are? (I'm curious about yours...)

- Fix You by Coldplay. I just LOVE about 2 minutes into the song, the solo guitar before the last super-powerful unison verse. I've loved it for years-- years. And I play it over and over again, just for that one part.

-Salina by the Avett Bros. I just got turned onto them, and I love, LOVE this song. This is a total music video song-- I imagine it involves fabulous retro-road trip footage in some awesome car from the 1970s or something. My absolute favorite part is the piano/banjo bit before they start into the chorus, and every time, I chime in with the big dum DUM DUM. Also love the dissident, orchestral ending. Perfection.

- The Blowers Daughter, Damien Rice. Yep. this is easily one of my favorite songs of all time. It is just stunning. The beginning of it-- with the rawness of his voice, that lovely cello/guitar in the background, it's powerful. Too bad he's a little flat in the 'hero in her sky' part, but I've forgiven him.

-This Ain't a Scene, it's An Arms Race, Fallout Boy. The beat is so pervasive, you can't help but get into it. This Ain't a Scene, it's a GODDAMN ARMS RACE... But I digress...

-Half Acre, Hem. This is one of my top 10 songs of all time. The harp, strings, voice-- it's just gorgeous. Her voice is amazing, and I just think this is... a Triumph.

-I'm Yours, Jason Mraz. Did I tell you that I searched for hours one night for this song? You know, we heard it on some cellphone commercial, and I totally thought it was Jack Johnson? Yeah... it's not. Favorite part is definitely the soul-choir backup at the end. It's totally sitting on a beach, sipping a daiquiri... Turn it UP!

-You Could be Happy, Snow Patrol. Sure, all of their songs have all the exact same pattern, but this may be one of their best. The lyrics are amazing, and his voice is so honest. Sigh.

- Won't Get Fooled Again, The Who. I listen for the scream... the rest is pretty awesome too. After I returned from the live concert, I listened for hours- on headphones- turned up loud, mesmerized by this song... again and again...

-Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre), Gotan Project. As we were leaving Buenos Aires to come back to the States after our honeymoon, our guide mentioned the Gotan Project. She said it was pretty popular down there, and she thought we'd like it. We picked up a CD at the airport and listened to it ALL the time. She let us know that the name of the group came from a kind of 'Spanish Cockney' called "Vesre" where letters get switched-- hence GOTAN/ "TANGO" project. It just makes me want to get cake on some black eyeliner, slick my hair back and take tango lessons...

-My Ain True Love, Alison Krauss. I love this song, Allison Krauss and this entire soundtrack on the whole (Cold Mountain.) This song makes me think of misty, haunted mountains, and has prompted me-- on more than one occasion-- to research the legends of the Appalachian Mountains. This song just has that ancient, haunted quality-- that lovely deep viola. Love it.

-Shoop, Salt N Peppa. Yep, closin' this out classy-style. This song reminds me of 8th grade, and seriously-- I still know all the lyrics. Can I get a scoop? Baby, take me for a ride in your coupe!


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  1. As I just mentioned to littlemorningglory,
    I can't believe one of Barry Manilow's
    songs weren't on your list! (Gag!!)
    Had fun on Sat. The gentle snowfall in the
    city was perfect!